Chronos-Eyes Background
The background image that appears in all "Chronos-Eyes" monster images
USAEnglish Chronos
JPNKanji クローノーズアイズ
Additional Info
Manga Appearance Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite

Chronos-Eyes (クローノーズアイズ Kurōzuaizu) is an archetype used by Yuzuki Taiga, the main protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite, and a sub-archetype of the "Chronos" archetype. They are the primary "bosses" of the "Chronos" archetype and as such, are usually more powerful by comparison.


"Chronos-Eyes" monsters rely on the "Chronos" monsters to be Summoned as most of them are Extra Deck monsters. Many of their effects involve some connection to time, or more specifically, the altering of time and time travel. Such effects are interpreted as removing cards from the field for a certain number of turns (time travel) and connections with the Rewrite ability.

Like most "Chronos" monsters, they also have the effect of being unaffected when a Phase is Rewritten.


  • "Chronos-Eyes" monsters have the same background as most other "Chronos" monsters but darker and grayer.
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