Chroma (クローマ Kurooma) is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Lyris1064. These monsters have a tri-colored card frame, with red on the left, green in the middle, and blue on the right; they are stored in the Main Deck.

Chroma Monsters have Levels, and multiple of them can be Chroma Summoned from the hand during the Main Phase of the turn player by sending a monster on their field to the GY which shares a Type or Attribute with them, for which those Chroma Monsters become Chroma Materials. The Chroma Monsters must have at least 1 of the following: total Levels that exactly equal their material's Indicator value, total ATK that equals or exceeds their material's ATK, or total DEF that equals or exceeds their material's DEF. The act of sending a monster to the GY for a Chroma Summon is called splitting.



  • If Macro Cosmos and/or Dimensional Fissure is on the field, monsters can still be Chroma Summoned, but the split monster is banished.
  • Tokens can be used as Chroma Materials, in which case the Token disappears.


  • Both dollar bills and the color white can be broken down into several, smaller components.
  • Chroma Summoning is the 1st Summon Type where the Summoned monsters become the material of their reference monster instead of vice versa.
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