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Chaotic monsters
USAEnglish Chaotic
JPNKanji CHAOS ロード
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Chaotic (known as "Chaos Lord" or CHAOS ロード) is an archetype composed of DARK monsters with different types, which is porteaied as the main focus of Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, like how Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal focused on "Number", this archetype's main Summoning Method is Fusion.

During their first appearance, they were randomly made, and they were only Psychic-Type monsters.



Chaotic monsters are Gruesome counterparts of several known Monsters, however, they are all Uncolored with Glowing eyes/mouths in red (with exception of Chair) equipped with weapons and Torture tools, the Tokens are mere shadow smokes with no specific shape/bone. it's noteworthy that All Chaotic monsters have the same purple-ish background with Squares. some of tools are reference to the movies: Saw , Hostel...


Chaotic name is derived from "Chaos", these monsters are more like "Chaotic Beings"


The Main strategy of  "Chaotic" monsters is based on Summoning them to gain field effects, and gaining more effects from being destroyed by opponent's card effects, battle, or just destroyed either way, also they can be Fusion Materials for Stronger Fusion Forms Deal with LIGHT Fairy-type monsters.


Being DARK monsters, Chaotics are vunerable to Anti-DARK support, Such as "Karakuri Spider", 'Stellarknight Constellar Diamond", "Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror", also "Teteroid" can shut them completely since they are a  Fusion-Oriented Archetype.

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