Central is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by LHK. These monsters are colored dark grayish blue; they are stored in the Extra Deck.

Central Monsters have Negative Levels, and, for their Summon, they require a number of monsters on the field (listed on the Central Monster's text), whose number of effects they have (combined) exactly equal the modulus of Level of that monster.


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  • Normal Monsters and non-Effect Monsters count as having 0 effects for a Central Summon.
  • Monsters that give effect to other monsters count as that monster has an additional effect. For example, if "Number 39: Utopia" was Summoned using "Star Drawing", "Utopia" is treated as having 3 effects instead of 2.
  • Gemini monsters are treated as having X effects, while X is the number of effects it gets, only when it is treated as an Effect Monster. Gemini monsters that are treated as Normal Monsters, are treated as having 0 effects for a Central Summon.


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