This is the information page for Spatial Monsters in YGOPRO. The rest of the Spatial Monsters' mechanics for real life are on the Main Page for Spatial Monsters.

Spatial (スペーシュル Supeeshuru; displayed as Sptスペーシュル on Japanese cards) is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Lyris1064. Spatial Monsters are stored in the Extra Deck, and can be Spatial Summoned by banishing a monster(s) with a Level on the controller's side of the field that are listed on the Summoned Spatial Monster's lore. If a Spatial Monster(s) would be sent to the Graveyard, those Spatial Monster(s) are banished, instead.

The Spatials' indicator is called a Dimensional Number and it's different from other the indicators (Level, Rank, Wavelength, Hierarchy, etc.) because it's formatted differently outside of the Japanese OCG: #th Dimension or 1st/2nd/3rd Dimension in the case of Dimensional Numbers 1-3 (次元第#). Dimensional Numbers are centered on the card in the form of pink spiral-like galaxies inside light blue orbs: Dimensional Number. The Dimensional Number on Altered Space monsters look like light blue spiral-like galaxies inside red orbs: Dimensional Negative Number

Spatial Monsters on the field that were Spatial Summoned change between Origin and Altered states instead of being changed to face-down position, of which changes at least 1 of their properties-- between Attribute, Type, ATK, DEF, and effects-- but only up to a number of times while on the field equal to their original Dimensional Number. Players can start the duel with either of a Spatial Monster's 2 states in the Extra Deck, but it is still limited to 3 copies between the Extra and Side Decks, regardless of which state is used.

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1 monster + 1 monster with lower ATK

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