List of Breach Monsters. Mechanic made by Uri101Love on deviantArt.

Breach monsters are rather simple. If you control two monsters with a level (or ranks for Xyz Monsters, but you must use only Xyz monsters in that case), subtract those two monsters' levels/ranks. For example, if you control a level/rank 4 and a level/rank 3 monster, subtract 4 from 3. Your result is one. Therefore, you can send those two breach materials you control to the Graveyard, one level/rank 4 and one level/rank 3, and Breach Summon a Rate 1 Breach Monster. Breach Monsters have Rates, not levels or ranks. Therefore, they are unaffected by cards that affect monsters with levels and ranks.

Naturally, they cannot be used as any sort of material with monsters that have levels. However, if you have a Tuner Breach Monster, you can perform a Synchro Summon using 2 Breach Monsters (no levels involved), or you can perform an Xyz Summon with 2 Breach Monsters with the same Rates. Breach Monsters can't be used for the tribute of a ritual monster, but can be tributed for a tribute summon. Breach Monsters cannot be Pendulum Summoned without specially scripted effects, and etc. Otherwise, Breach Monsters can be used as link materials like normal, and count as an Extra Deck monsters just the same as the other mechanics.

Rate 0 Breach Monsters can be summoned using two monsters with the same levels. They can't be used for an Xyz, Synchro, Ritual, or any other kind of summon that requires a certain Rate/Level/Rank amount to be summoned. (They can still be used for a link summon)

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