Casinomancer from El Dorado
JPN Translated: Casinomancer - Rex (El Dorado) Ball
Card Attribute: MONEY MONEY
Card Type(s): [ Spellcaster/Pendulum/Normal ]
Level: Level 4 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel star
Pendulum Scale: 3 Pendulum Scale 3
ATK/DEF: 1800 / 100
Pendulum Lore:

If a Normal Monster(s) is Pendulum Summoned to your side of the field: Target 1 of them; it gains 400 ATK for each monster Pendulum Summoned this turn, until the end of this turn.

Monster Lore:

Rex in Latin means "king", and he is the king of his region, El Dorado. With power of influence being higher than that of a sheriff, no one has a chance but kneel before him like a pathetic dog.

Casinomancer from El Dorado, Rex Ball.

Japanese Lore:


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