• This card is the Gust Vine version of Cyber End Dragon
  • This is the first card that activates from the Extra Deck.
    • It's also the first card that is a Trap Extra Deck.
    • This is one of the biggest cards to cause complains and cries regrading its Extra Deck effect, especially with the fact that doesn't trigger from the field or Graveyard.
    • This is the second card that has like 4 erratas, the first being is Magnificent Vine Binding Snake
    • Despite the Numerous erratas this card had, it was rediesigned in way it lost what it made it unique.
  • This and "Valkyrus Hinata of Gust Vine" were the only "Gust Vine" Forbidden Fusion Monsters.
    They were also the only "Gust Vine" Forbidden  Monsters overall.
  • A slaughtered skin of monster is fused with "Sopherena of Gust Vine"
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