Capital Control - Schulz
資本規制 シュルツ
JPN Japanese: 資本規制 シュルツ
JPN Phonetic: Shihon Kisei Shurutsu
Card Attribute: MONEY MONEY
Card Type(s): [ Nymph/Seedling/Effect ]
Level: Level 4 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel star
ATK/DEF: 1700 / 600
Card Lore:

Can be used for a Bloom Summon during your Main Phase 2 if you gained a total of 2000 or more LP in this turn. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage to your opponent. If this card inflicts battle damage to your opponent, except by a direct attack: You gain 800 LP. If your LP is 10000 or more and your opponent controls more monsters than you do: You can add 1 Double-Equip Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Reign of the Duelist
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