An archetype related and dependent on the Alphabetic Searcher archetype, They have effect based on banishing Alphabetic searcher cards from the Graveyard, whose letters makes the name of a type of monster or a attribute , making you Special Summon 1 monster from that type or attribute to your side of the field


They feature the Alphabetic Searcher cards whose letter are written on the type/attribute of monster you Special Summon

Playing StyleEdit

Somewhat restricted, they sometimes requires a great number of different Alphabetic Searcher cards in your Graveyard, not being recommended on archetypes with cards that usually starts with the same letter, but can be useful on a mixed deck.


As they require the cards in the Graveyard in order to banish them, cards like "Imperial Iron Wall", "Macro Cosmos" and any card that restricts Special Summon can make these cards into dead draws

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