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Bypath (Japanese: Byバイパス Baipasu) is a new monster type for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters card game created by Lyris1064. These monsters have a dual-colored frame, with a brown color on the left, and a dark cyan color on the right; they are stored in the Extra Deck.

Bypath Monsters have a new indicator called the Cell, which is aligned to the left of the card, akin to the Rank. Cells look like a 75% gray orb with a soft, vivid violet circle inside. They can be Bypath Summoned by stacking 2 or more adjacent material cards under the Summoned Bypath Monster, which then immediately moves itself to the Main Monster Zone on the user's field in a column of the user's choice where its material(s) originally was; if a Bypath Monster used materials that were all in the user's opponent's possession, then the user chooses an unoccupied Main Monster Zone on their field in the same or adjacent columns as those materials, where said Bypath Monster moves to instead. Bypath Monsters are always Summoned from the Extra Deck in Attack Position.

While there is a Bypath Monster in the Extra Monster Zone, the user can Bypath Summon any monster from their hand or Extra Deck to their Main Monster Zone in its column. While there are multiple Bypath Monsters in the Main Monster Zones, the user can Bypath Summon any number of monsters from their hand and Extra Deck to their Main Monster Zones between those Bypath Monsters.


Dubious Crisis Bypath Dragon: 2+ monsters (on the user's field); Overlay the following:

  • 2 monsters in the same column
  • 2 or more horizontally adjacent monsters
  • A combination of the above


  • When Bypath Summoning multiple monsters, the Levels of the Summoned monsters must be equal to or between the Cells of appropriate Bypath Monsters on the field.
    • If the only Bypath monster on the field is in the Extra Monster Zone, then the monster Summoned must have a Level equal to or lower than that Bypath Monster's Cell.
  • Players can only Bypath Summon multiple monsters once per turn.
  • Players cannot Bypath Summon more than 1 monster from the Extra Deck.


  • Bypath and Bypass are both pronounced the same way in Katakana.