Bruce Iyko (often Nicknamed as "Good-For-Nothing Bruises" or "Human Garbage") is a major character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, he often accompanies Yurie Tisumi, he is also known to be the most dense student in the school that people pick on him the most.

Contray to popular belief, Bruce is not related to Brock, and the design was completely a coincidence.

Design:[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Bruce is a young man with that typical Shut-Eyed anime/manga character traits, with a fair skin and brown Spiked hair, His attire is green blouse, Blue jeans, and green shoes, his eyes are grey with blue pupils when he opens them.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Bruce is a dense student with low self-esteem and cowardice nature, he gets esily triggered when Yurie calls him '"Good-For-Nothing-Bruise" and takes her beatings most of the times, especially when he acts dumb towards her or his being a nuissance. He tends to get bullied by Melissa, and gets easily deceived by Fokkusu that he turned against Yurie when she was framed for stealing a Deck. He tries to approach to Yurie meekly when it comes to his own best, and runs away when Yurie is in grave danger, he also fears Wandyr for unknown reasons, he never appears when Yurie is actually in need, sometimes he acts dumb to the extent that he made Yurie believe that he's homosexual, and said that he's going to "watch horses in the school", which made Yurie suspect him of hiding something even more that she threatened him to snap his neck. Bruce is also shown to be a picky person, especially to Yurie, as he keeps demanding to see her Evolute card.

Deck:[edit | edit source]

Bruce's deck is unknown, the only card he is seen using is "Naval Vessel - Akatsuki".

Duels[edit | edit source]

Opponent Chapter Outcome
Hikari 010 TBA
Melissa Meiry 010 TBA

Trivia:[edit | edit source]

  • The structure of Yurie Tisumi and Bruce are the opposite of Yugi Muto   and Anzu Mazaki, except that Yurie and Bruce do not share much in their friendship, and Since Yurie is mostly the one that Fokkusu is Shipped to, Bruce remained as one of Supportive Characters.
    • Ironically, despite being classed as a Supportive Charactrer, he does not Support Yurie at all.
  • Bruce is commonly mistaken for Brock from Pokémon anime series, Whereas his design is made by coincidence to look like the mentioned character.

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