Brave Monsters are a type of monster card created by Maxus and are stored in the Extra Deck.


Brave Monsters are colored red on the left side and Synchro-white on the right side. Their indicator, known as "Arcs" is aligned to the left side of the frame, similarly to Ranks.


See Brave Summon for the Summoning method.

While on the field, Brave Monsters are both treated as 2 separate monsters and 1 single monster. Should an effect affect one of the Brave Monsters, it also affects the other one. Should 1 monster be removed from the field, the other one goes with it. When it comes to attacking, the Brave Monsters may attack individually, one at a time, or may attack together at the same time. In the case of the latter, the ATK, DEF, and Arc of the two are combined until the end of the Damage Step.



  • If an Equip Spell Card is equipped to one Brave Monster, it is also treated as being equipped to the other one.
  • Should a Brave Monster have an effect that prevents it from being targeted, destroyed, etc, that effect also applies to the other Brave Monster.
  • If both Brave Monsters you control have already declared an attack, and have done so attacking individually, and then are allowed to attack again in the same turn, they are allowed to attack together for their second attack(s).


  • Similarly to Resonance & Mono Monsters, Brave Monsters were intended to be used in pairs.
    • In the case of the latter, you are required to have 2 monsters for use in the mechanic.

Example FrameEdit

Brave Monster
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