• A booster pack created by --OnePiece (talk) 00:37, December 21, 2019 (UTC) and supported by The Nepfessor. As the name says, it will contain X-Mas related cards.

It contains ?? Ultra Rare Cards, ?? Super Rare Cards, ?? Rare Cards, ??Short Print ?? Common Cards. The Sulfix is X-MASSP

Set Number Card Name Rarity
X-MASSP 000 Santa Claws Ultra Rare
X-MASSP 001 Mild Turkey Common
X-MASSP 002 Christmas Charity Ghost Rare
X-MASSP 003 Padoru Skull Servant Rare
X-MASSP 004 Magical Sled Super Rare
X-MASSP 005 Krampus Rare
X-MASSP 006 Snow Flake Common
X-MASSP 007 Jingle Berry Short Print
X-MASSP 008 Snowbinding Circle
X-MASSP 009 Flurry Fighter
X-MASSP 010 Blizzard Knight
X-MASSP 011 Toy Elf
X-MASSP 012 Wind-Up Reindeer
X-MASSP 013 Toy Workshop
X-MASSP 014 Red-Suited Deliverer
X-MASSP 015 Tree of Giving
X-MASSP 016 Sacred Feast
X-MASSP 017 Toy Bringer Sled
X-MASSP 018 Snowman Creator Rare
X-MASSP 019 Snowman Eater Common
X-MASSP 020 Wreath Ring Rare
X-MASSP 021 Jingle Rex Super Rare
X-MASSP 022 Windwitch - Jingle Bell Common
X-MASSP 023 Windwitch - Christmas Bell Secret Rare
X-MASSP 024 Howl Howl Howl Common
X-MASSP 025 3 Screaming Wreath Wraiths
X-MASSP 026 Candy Stick Ultra Rare
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