• Is a effect created by --OnePiece (talk) 01:54, February 28, 2018 (UTC). It consists in targeting 2 or more cards in the field and whatever happens to 1 of these cards will also happen to the other targeted cards.
  • examples:
  • If a bonded monster is destroyed by battle, the other bonded monster will also be destroyed, regardless of its ATK and DEF, also, any damage the controller of the destroyed monster received is also inflicted to the controller of the other bonded monster. Effects like increasing ATK, DEF, leaving the field,flipped face-down, destroyed by effect, tributed or sent to the GY as cost are condittions that affect both of the bonded monsters. Using monsters to summon other than Tribute or Ritual Summon will unbond them, at the same time, if you tribute a monster , the other bonded monster can also be tributed, if possible. In several cases, the effect of applying effects to Bounded Monsters is optional, like the case Tekhnobot Gunslasher.
  • This effect is a evolution of the card "Widespread Dud and the effect of the Double-equip Spell Cards
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