Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Flashing Light
Creator: LionHeartKIng
Card Attribute: LIGHT LIGHT
Card Type(s): [ Warrior/Impure/Effect ]
Level: Level -8 NegStarNegStarNegStarNegStarNegStarNegStarNegStarNegStar
ATK/DEF: 3000 / 2500
Card Lore:

1 Level 8 LIGHT Effect Monster
If this card is Impure Summoned: You can target 1 of your banished Level 4 or lower LIGHT or DARK monsters; return that target to your Graveyard, and if you do, draw 1 card. Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can target 1 other monster you control and 1 monster your opponent controls; seal the first target, and if you do, banish the second target. (A card that is sealed is flipped face-down until the end of this turn.) If this attacking card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, after damage calculation: It can make a second attack in a row.

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