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Black Hole Magician
JPN.png Japanese: ブラック・ホールのじゅつ
JPN.png Phonetic: Burakku Hōru no Majutsushi
Creator: NovaTsukimori
Card Attribute: DARK DARK.png
Card Type(s): [ Spellcaster/Pendulum/Effect ]
Level: Level 7 Level star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.png
Pendulum Scale: 1 Pendulum Scale.png 1
ATK/DEF: 2500 / 2000
Pendulum Lore:

If you have a "Magician" card or "Rift Beast" card in your other Pendulum Zone: You can destroy this card, and if you do, place in your Pendulum Zone, or Special Summon, 1 "Rift Beast - Zero Burst Dragon" from your hand or Deck.

Monster Lore:

If this card is in your hand: You can destroy all monsters on the field, and if you do, Special Summon this card, then you can add 1 "Rift Beast" monster from your Deck to your hand. You can banish this card; Special Summon 1 "Diana - The Original Crystal Rift Beast" from your Impure Deck using 12 "Rift Beast" monsters with different Levels/Ranks from your hand, field, and/or Graveyard as Impure Materials. (This is treated as an Impure Summon.)

Japanese Lore:


Sets: Duelist Deck: Diana Otsutsuki "Pendulum Crisis"
Rarity: Ultra Rare
User: Diana Otsutsuki
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