Birth of Existence
Kanji バースオブエグジスタンス
Romaji Bāsu Obu Egujisutansu
English Birth of Existence
Series Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite
Chapter Run 1-8
Preceded By N/A
Followed By Duelist of Justice

Birth of Existence arc (バースオブエグジスタンスへん Bāsu Obu Egujisutansu-hen) is the first arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! ReWrite. It follows Yuzuki Taiga as he re-enters the world of Dueling, and the trials and tribulations that come along with doing so.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Chapter English name Japanese name Translated Japanese name
Chapter 1 Birth of Existence - Yuzuki Taiga! バースオブエグジスタンス - 大牙 ユズキ Bāsu Obu Egujisutansu Taiga Yuzuki!
Chapter 2 Challenge from a Pro! The Power of Xyz! プロからの挑戦!エクシーズの力を! Puro Kara no Chōsen! Ekushīzu no Chikara!
Chapter 3 Duo Duel デュオデュエル Dyuo Dyueru
Chapter 4 Proof of Friendship! Tyranno Descends! 友情の証!ティラノが降臨 Yūjō no Akashi! Tirano ga Kōrin!
Chapter 5 Assault! Take Back the Stolen Card 突撃!奪わカードを取り戻す! Totsugeki! Ubawa Kādo O Torimodosu!
Chapter 6 The Child of Existence 存在の子 Sonzai no Ko
Chapter 7 White Knight ホワイトナイト Howaito Naito
Chapter 8 Yuzuki's Entertainment ユズキのエンターテインメント Yūzuki no Entāteinmento
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