A New Type Will be realeased made by meedogh

they have a reddish color and are stored in the Extra Deck

Bigbang Summon/Bigguban shōkan are Red Cards with a Digital Pattern, they are found in the Extra Deck. They are a new type of Extra Deck Summoning Monster and now have Levels. With the introduction of BigBang Monsters comes a new way to see previously existing monsters. Similarly how non-Link Monsters can be seen as equal to a LINK 1, BigBang Monsters introduces a new way to view monsters based on their ATK and DEF Value. “Positive Monsters” are Monsters that have ATK higher than their DEF. “Negative Monsters” are Monsters that have DEF higher than their ATK. “Neutral Monsters” are Monsters that have the same ATK and DEF Value.


The thing which indicates what kind a monster a monster is, is called a Vibe. A monster’s Vibe can be changed via cards that change a monster’s current ATK/DEF. For example, Rush Recklessly can make a Negative Monster become a Positive Monster. Monsters whose original ATK are changed, such as Gladiator Beast Laquari, are treated with their ATK/DEF not altered. Just like before BigBang Monsters existed, card effects, such as Slifer the Sky Dragon’s, that normally would effect Laqauri do not if that monster’s original ATK/DEF value was changed. A Monster’s Vibe, along with Positive, Negative and Neutral Monsters are not indicated to be PSCT Terms. Otherwise, cards like Sword & Shield would need to be re-written. Vibe, Positive, Negative and Neutral (as terms) are nonofficial verbal terms (meaning; manga, anime and etc. may use them, like “Overlay Unit” in the Zexal Anime). To Summon a BigBang Monster, the formula is that similar to Ritual and Synchro. You use monsters whose ATK/DEF add or subtract (varies per BigBang Monster) whose ATK and DEF should be equal to or are higher than that of the BigBang Monster. Due to this, Monsters without ATK or DEF cannot be used as BigBang Material. There is also a special rule about using monsters with the same ATK/DEF Value (Neutral Monsters) for a BigBang Summon. If you use a Neutral monster for the Bigbang Summon it doesn't add nor subtract, so some monsters require it to be as a base, such as Cosmicburst Dragon

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