Berry Magician Girl
JPN Japanese: ベリー・マジシャン・ガール
JPN Phonetic: Berī Majishan Gāru
Creator: LionHeartKIng
Card Attribute: DARK DARK
Card Type(s): [ Spellcaster/Effect ]
Level: Level 6 Level starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel starLevel star
ATK/DEF: 2000 / 1700
Card Lore:

If this card is in your hand or Graveyard: You can send 1 Level 7 or lower LIGHT or DARK Spellcaster-Type monster you control or in your hand to the Graveyard; Special Summon this card, but banish it if it leaves the field, and if the sent monster is a "Magician Girl" monster, add 1 monster with the same name as the sent monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Berry Magician Girl". You can only use this effect of "Berry Magician Girl" once per turn. If this card is destroyed: You can add 1 "Magician Girl" monster from your Deck or Graveyard to your hand, except "Berry Magician Girl". This card gains 300 ATK for each "Dark Magician" or "Magician of Black Chaos" in your Graveyard. This card's name becomes "Dark Magician Girl" while it is face-up on the field or in your Graveyard.

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