Bending Monster is a new Summon mechanic created by LHK.


Color-wise, Bending Monsters are colored blue on the top half and pink on the bottom half.


For a player to Bending Summon a monster, they need 1 Trainer monster (which works like Tuner monsters for Synchro Monsters) along with 1 or more non-Trainer monsters (with any Type, Attribute or archetype condition with them), whose average of their combined modulus of indicators (which the Trainer monsters' indicator is Level) equals the monster's Knot, which is their special indicator that has a pink star and a gray background. The materials are then banished.

Something that must be ruled is that the Trainer monster's Level must be different than the Level of the non-Trainer monsters used for that Summon (e.g. you cannot use 1 Level 4 Trainer monster and 1 Level 4 non-Trainer monster, but you can use 1 Level 4 Trainer monster and 1 Rank 4 Xyz Monster or 1 Level 4 Trainer monster and 1 Level -4 Dark Synchro Monster or Impure Monster).


  • Power Split Bending Dragon
    Knot 4; you can use this card using 1 Level 2 Trainer and 1 Level 6 non-Trainer monster, or 1 Rank 6 Xyz Monster, or 1 6th Dimension Spatial Monster (monster with a modulus of indicator of 6).


1 Knot
2 KnotKnot
3 KnotKnotKnot
4 KnotKnotKnotKnot
5 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
6 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
7 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
8 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
9 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
10 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
11 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
12 KnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnotKnot
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