Avatar monster (アバターモンスター,Abatā Monsutā) is a monster Sub-type created by Mauxs. They are monsters representing non-physical forms, and like Union monsters, are primarily meant to support other monsters.

How Avatar monsters WorkEdit

Avatar monsters cannot be Normal Summoned or Normal Set and often require some cost/condition in order to be Special Summoned. They are all Level 0 monsters and follow the same set of rules:

  • It is not treated as being on the field, except when being referred to specifically in text as "an Avatar monster on the field", "an Avatar monster you control", etc.
  • It cannot attack nor be attacked.
  • If the only monster you control is an Avatar monster, your opponent can attack you directly.
  • It is unaffected by card effects, other than its own effects and card effects that specifically affect Avatar monsters.
  • They cannot be used as material for any Summon.
  • They cannot be tributed by any means, whether they are on the field or in the hand.


  • Most Avatar monsters often have "Avatar" (Keshin, 化身) in their names.
  • Avatar monsters were designed not to be standalone monsters.
  • The creation of Avatar monsters was inspired by the card Time Chain, and Imagine Braves, from the game "Battle Spirits".
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