• Archetype of FIRE Fiend monsters. These monsters are retrained version of already existing FIRE monsters.


The artworks of the cards are designed to bears resemblance with their original counterparts, with some ashes burning around their bodies, looking like an burning tatoo. Cards that reatrained version of the already existing cards will have a small fiendish face burning behind them, which indicates the transformation for more power. Also, all monsters in the Main Deck with indicator 4 or lower have 200 DEF

Playing StyleEdit

"Ashlords works mainly by supporting FIRE monster" and indicator manipulation(level,rank,etc), so they can go well in decks with FIRE-based monsters like "Fire Kings"(specially due to their destructive effect), and cards with indicator manipulation(Like "Falling Current","Star Changer","Demotion" and so forth. Due to their power indicator manipulation. They also interacts nicely with GY, so using them with cards like "Call of the Haunted" may be a good idea. Also, cards that supports Fiend monsters like "Hate Buster" are also very useful on this deck.

Field ManipulationEdit

using cards that get control of opposing monsters and using the to perform XYZ summons can also be a good idea, specially with the effect of "Ashlord ghost" which changes the opponent's monster attribute to FIRE, what can fulfill some XYZ summoning condittions of FIRE XYZ monsters.

Burn DecksEdit

"Ashlords" can also do a good burning decks, due to the burning nature of FIRE monsters. Cards like "Backfire" and"Kickfire" will be desired on such decks.


In addition to the Normal weakness of FIRE monsters, "Ashlords" may have a hard time against deck which focuses on monsters without any indicator(link monsters), cards that cannot be targeted by card effects, cards that prevents cards of moving others from the GY(like "Necrovalley"), or that banish them, like "Macro Cosmos" so cards like "Burning Land" and"Mystical Space Typhoon" can be welcomed on Ashlords decks, not only to destroy the opponent's Spell and Traps, but your own Spell/Trap cards too.


Some cards like "Ashlord Reaper","Ashlord Ghost" and "Ashlord Magman" are retrained versions of "Fire Reaper","Flame Ghost" and "Dissolverock" which are not considered as FIRE/Pyro monsters in the real game, despite their names/flavour texts.

Duel Terminal StoryEdit

Check their story in Duel Terminal Story #1

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