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Ascend Monsters are a new monster card type created by Naidraug. They reside in the Extra Deck.

Card template pending.

They also have a new indicator called 'Order', which ranges from 1 to 5 & and indicates how many monsters are required to summon them.

To perform a Ascend Summon, you must send the monsters you're using as material face-up to the Spell/Trap zone, then Ascend Summon your Ascend Monster from your Extra Deck. Those monsters in the Spell/Trap Zone are treated as being equipped to the newly summoned monster.

During the end of each turn (including your opponent's), you must send 1 card that is equipped to a Ascend Monster you control to the GY. If a Ascend Monster has no more cards equipped to it. That monster is destroyed. And of course if you control more than 1 Ascend Monster, you must send 1 card each that is equipped to those monsters during the end of each turn.