Arms Starter Deck Yuzeals: Raging Battle! Armed Force!! is one of the first Starter Decks for the Arms Duels format and it is included in the Starter Armory: Yuzeals vs. Sarge.

List[edit | edit source]

Set no. English name Rarity Category
ADSY-EN001 Armed Force Dragon Secret Parallel Rare Arms Monster
ADSY-EN002 Elite Jackal x3 Super Rare Arms Monster
ADSY-EN003 Phoenix Gallant x3 Super Rare Arms Monster
ADSY-EN004 Dro-Trooper Common Normal Monster
ADSY-EN005 Aeris Common Normal Monster
ADSY-EN006 Cyber Commander Common Normal Monster
ADSY-EN007 Saber Soldier x2 Rare Effect Monster
ADSY-EN008 Caliber Warrior Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN009 Gatling Golem Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN010 Revolver Magician x2 Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN011 Backup Supplier Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN012 Tactical Espionage Expert Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN013 Search Striker Common Effect Monster
ADSY-EN014 Long Range Shot x2 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ADSY-EN015 Battle Pack x2 Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN016 Prototype Accelerator x2 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ADSY-EN017 Block Attack Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN018 Double Snare Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN017 Pot of Greed Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN018 Monster Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN019 Emergency Provisions Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ADSY-EN020 Gold Sarcophagus Common Normal Spell Card
ADSY-EN021 Mystical Space Typhoon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ADSY-EN022 Raigeki Common Normal Space Typhoon
ADSY-EN023 Warring Strike x2 Rare Normal Trap Card
ADSY-EN024 Arms Unity x2 Common Normal Trap Card
ADSY-EN025 Michizure Common Normal Trap Card
ADSY-EN026 Negate Attack Common Counter Trap Card
ADSY-EN027 Enchanted Javelin Common Normal Trap Card
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