Armatek 130R
Creator: LionHeartKIng
Card Attribute: WIND WIND
Card Type(s): [ Cyberse/Link/Effect ]
Link Markers: Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right,
LM-TopLeft-OFF LM-Top-OFF LM-TopRight-OFF
LM-Left-OFF LM-Right-OFF
LM-BottomLeft-ON LM-Bottom-OFF LM-BottomRight-ON
ATK/LINK: 1400 / 2
Card Lore:

2 Cyberse monsters
This card's Link Materials are shuffled into the Deck instead of being sent to the GY. If you have no monsters in your GY, this card's ATK becomes double its original ATK. If a Cyberse monster this card points to battles while you have no monsters in your GY, your opponent cannot respond for this battle only.

Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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