i NOTE: Credit goes to Lyris for the initial idea.


  • Each archetype must have 2 words, both starting with the same letter as the letter of the mechanic they support (e.g. an archetype with 2 words both starting with the letter R for Ritual, F for Fusion, etc.)
    • Exception being the Xyz one, which both start with the letter E (possibly because of the previous falsified hypothesis of the mechanic being called Exceed instead of Xyz)


Deck Summon Method Focus
Real Rights Ritual Punishing opponent's Special Summoned monsters
Flame Flight Fusion Granting non-Effect FIRE Fusion Monsters effects
Sea Scout Synchro Flexibility in methods of Synchro Summoning, and variations
Earth Enforcer Xyz Using Xyz Materials as protection from attacks and effects
Lullaby Lurker Link Quickly granting materials for Link Summons, after using in-hand effects
Dark Dynamo Dark ATK power-up theme focused on "Dark Dynamo Generator"
DeStined DiSciple Dark Synchro Quickly Dark Synchro Summoning and bringing Dark Tuners fast
Eclipse Entropy Evolute Trap Monsters that aid you to Evolute Summons
Austere Archon Tribute (Advance) Using no cards in your Extra Deck as a condition for powerful effects
Cold Corps. Composition Requires you to have less monsters than your opponent does
Culinary Champion Chrysopoeia Changing Attributes with the "Culinary Champion" Spells to turn into powerful Chrysopoeia Monsters
Press Printer Pendulum Use of King Cards, modifying Pendulum Scales.
Embellished Enigma Enhance Burn-oriented deck
Endread Eiloch Energy Energy Summoning Focus monsters
Risk Ranger Request Request Summoning, anti-power deck
Scaly Serpent Stair Level increasing
Spectral Spear Spectrum Gaining LP for each battle, placing Spectrum Pieces on Summon.
Shimmering Star Spatial Turning face-up cards face-down
Resolute Reacton Relay Granting Tribute Summoned Relay Monsters effects.
Accepting Actor Annotee Level-increasing effects, Anti-meta
Nuclear Nightmare Nucleo Placing opponent's monsters Nuclear Counters
Talent Tally Time Leap Big use of Quick-Play Spells
Tropical Technology Timewarp Evading attacks by placing them to Event Horizon, placing Eon Counters while in the Event Horizon, and flexibility in Timewarp Summons.
Hover Hydra Hybrid Battle position-oriented, focus around "Hover Hydra Advent"
Esoteric Elf Eclipse Use of Normal Traps both as fuel for Eclipse Summons, and to copy their effects with their Eclipse members
Calm Coral Code TBA


Deck Summon Method Focus Creator
Able Abacus Annotee Discarding cards and returning them for Annotee Summons Qwex67
Sapient Specter Spatial ??? Lyris1064
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