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Ansektu Monarku  (or insect-Weirdo)is a character appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me he was a former partner of Fokkusu Taker, then he allied with Falid to get rid of Yei Tisumi avenging Niwre.



Ansektu intially poses like Waluigi, he also poses his hand like Insector Shizaki, his turquoise hair is similar to Insector Haga's as it is arranged in a "Beatles' Haircut" fashion, which is black, He wears a dark green suit, grey pants, brown shoes, and a red cape.


Ansektu seems to be a conceited Person who looks down upon other persons and regards to himself as the best person on earth, despite that, he displays a solid loyality to Niwre, he also dislikes Yei, as well Fokkusu recently as he found out that he likes Yei.


Ansektu Introduced himself as a third person, Similar to Papyrus, in one instance he said "Nyeh heh heh".


His Name "Ansektu Monarc" simply reads Insect Monarch or "Emperor of Insect" which his deck is based on.


Invasion of Chaotics:[]

He appeared to corner Fokkusu and Yei alongside Falid, talking about being betrayed by Fokkusu and Yei as the one who caused Niwre to suffer, then challenged both into a duel only to be defeated by Fokkusu himself in that duel.


Ansektu Uses "Digital Bug", which he uses the Typical "Pinch Hooper" tactic to Special Summon the monsters he needs for Xyz Summons.