Ansektu Monarku  (or insect-Weirdo)is a character appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Me he was a former partner of Fokkusu Taker, then he allied with Falid to get rid of Yei Tisumi avenging Niwre.

Design:[edit | edit source]

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Ansektu intially poses like Waluigi, he also poses his hand like Insector Shizaki, his turquoise hair is similar to Insector Haga's as it is arranged in a "Beatles' Haircut" fashion, which is black, He wears a dark green suit, grey pants, brown shoes, and a red cape.

Personality:[edit | edit source]

Ansektu seems to be a conceited Person who looks down upon other persons and regards to himself as the best person on earth, despite that, he displays a solid loyality to Niwre, he also dislikes Yei, as well Fokkusu recently as he found out that he likes Yei.

Voice/Mannerisms[edit | edit source]

Ansektu Introduced himself as a third person, Similar to Papyrus, in one instance he said "Nyeh heh heh".

Etymology[edit | edit source]

His Name "Ansektu Monarc" simply reads Insect Monarch or "Emperor of Insect" which his deck is based on.

Biography:[edit | edit source]

Invasion of Chaotics:[edit | edit source]

He appeared to corner Fokkusu and Yei alongside Falid, talking about being betrayed by Fokkusu and Yei as the one who caused Niwre to suffer, then challenged both into a duel only to be defeated by Fokkusu himself in that duel.

Deck[edit | edit source]

Ansektu Uses "Digital Bug", which he uses the Typical "Pinch Hooper" tactic to Special Summon the monsters he needs for Xyz Summons.

Duels[edit | edit source]

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