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Ancient Blocker
Creator: Brightshine
Card Attribute: LIGHT LIGHT.png
Card Type(s): [ Reptile/Enhance/Effect ]
Level: Level 6 Level star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.pngLevel star.png
ATK/DEF: 2300 / 2500
Card Lore:

1 Dinosaur-Type monster + 1 Equip Spell card
When this card is Enhance Summoned, change its battle position to face-up Defense Position. While in face-up Defense Position, this card cannot be destroyed in battle. If the Equip Spell card that the Enhance Material monster had is "Horn of Light", this card gains the following effect:
● Each time a monster battles this card but does not destroy this card in the battle, you gain 800 Life Points.

Card Limit:
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