Alumniversity Course, Planetarius' Engineering
JPN Japanese: AUアルムニ・ユーニバースしんゆうせいこう
JPN Japanese (Kana): アルムニ・ユーニバースしんろゆうせいこう
JPN Japanese (Base): AU進路遊星工
JPN Phonetic: Arumuni Yuunibaasu Shinre Yuusei Kou
JPN Translated: Alumni Universe Course, Yuusei Engineering
Creator: Lyris1064
Card Attribute: Trap Card Trap
Property: Normal Normal
Card Lore:

All "Alumniversity" monsters you currently control gain 300 ATK and this effect. (Those monsters are also still Normal Monsters.)
● Once per turn: You can target 1 Spell/Trap on the field; destroy it, but if you do, this card cannot attack for the rest of this turn.

User: Kindred Alumnus Annotee Dragon
Card Limit:
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Other Card Information:

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