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Alice is the secondary deuteragonist of Yu-Gi-Oh! D-ZERO after her debut who is often nicknamed "The Ice Queen".


Alice appears as a teenage girl with long flowing white hair that becomes blue by the edges, further referencing her affiliation to ice. She is seen wearing a light blue skirt, a white sleeveless shirt with light blue and light blue (though not the same shade) snowflakes by the bottom of the shirt, and a tie. She switches to jeans after having a problem with a character pulling up her skirt.


Nicknamed the "Ice Queen" by many, she has a cold and seemingly emotionless personality. Often not paying much attention to other things and mostly on her phone like a typical animated teenage female goth would. She however Duels relentlessly and aggressively, yet is known to be consistently strategic. She has a crush on Luna despite knowing of her relationship with Maria.


Alice plays a "Shatterhail" Deck, further referencing her nickname, "the Ice Queen".