USAEnglish Alchemist
JPNKanji 真錬金術師
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Manga Appearance ???

Alchemist (真錬金術師 Renkinjutsushi) is an archetype used by ????, the main protagonist of ????. A group of Spellcaster monsters, they are mages representing different aspects of nature, elements, and alchemy. Each one possesses the ability to change their Type (and sometimes Attribute), reflecting both an alchemist's ability to transmute. The types they can change often represent some aspect of their title for example, Alchemist of Gold can change into a Warrior (representing using gold for good) or a Fiend (representing being corrupted by greed).


The Main Deck "Alchemist" monsters are mostly named after parts of nature, such as "Alchemist of Flames", or more commonly, elements often used in alchemy, like "Alchemist of Gold and "Alchemist of Silver".

The Extra Deck monsters are split into two categories: "Master Alchemists" and "True Alchemists", which are both composed of Fusion and Link Monsters.

"Master Alchemists" represent the initial stages of of alchemy, such as Fixation and Fermentation.

"True Alchemists" are much more rarer, and represent advanced forms of alchemy, such as the final stage and ultimate goal of alchemy, Projection. They also are the only ones considered "worthy" of using the special effect of "Alchemist's Sacred Stone". These monsters generally have greater ability than the rest of the archetype, but are usually harder to bring out. For example, "True Alchemist of Projection" has the ability to add any card from the Deck to the hand upon being Link Summoned, but is a Link 4 monster that requires 2 or more "Alchemist" monsters with different Types.


"Alchemists" focus on using their ability to change their Types to pull off various effects and often rely on controlling Alchemist monsters with different Types then their original. They also possess a reasonable amount of searching (such as with "True Alchemist of Projection") and Special Summoning capabilities (such as with "Alchemist of Gold").

The "Alchemist" Deck primarily relies on Fusion and Link Summoning to get its primary powerhouses out on the field. The two Summon methods generally go hand-in-hand, supporting each other through various effects.

The two Summons are also representative of some alchemy-like aspects, such as connecting things together (Link Summon) and combining things together (Fusion Summon).

"Alchemists" also have a trump card in the form of "Alchemist's Sacred Stone, a psuedo-"philospher's stone", which can essentially be used to "transmutate" into any card and use its abilities along with essentially being able to clone any "True Alchemist" monster when it is destroyed, aesthetically akin to the stone being used to create a homunculus.

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