Alaya Tromara
Age 16
Gender Female
Status Alive
Likes tactics, excitement, justice
Dislikes losing, boredom, chaos
Deck Fluffal/Edge Imp/Frightfur
Appears in Loy Academy

Personality Edit

Alayna is the kind of person who knows when to bide her time. She relies on using the unexpected. She analyzes decks in order to counter them.

Dorm Edit

  • Dorm Level: Green
  • Dorm Number: 2

Bio Edit

Alayna has been studying decks for the past 4 years. She did this to prepare for countering some of the best strategies out there. Before this, she had built a Frightfur deck. When she received Number 21, she kept preparing. One day, she was called to take action.

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