LionHeartKIng Wiki

Adapt monsters are a new kind of monsters created by DNumeritos

Rulings of Adapt monsters:

-Adapt monsters are a class of monsters that go in the extra deck. They have Green Template (different to Spell Cards or Hybrid monsters). They have levels as its streght indicator and ATK and DEF.

-To adapt summon a monster you need a Specific monster (it cannont be generic conditions) that is on the field while a Specific Field Effect is on the filed. Lore wise, the monster quickly adapts itself into that enviroment an transforms itself in the Adapt monster.

-A Adapt monster that has not been previously summoned by means of a Adapt Summon cannot be summoned in a special way from the graveyard, as it happens with monsters of Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, etc.

- Adapt monsters, coming from the extra deck, can only be summoned in the main monster zone if there is a link (in the link metagame, if we consider it previous or nonexistent they will be place in the main monster zone).

-There is no limit of Adapt monsters in the Extra Deck.